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Always wanted an eco friendly home but not sure how to go about it? Let Yellowstone Timber Fusion help you design your dream home using recycled shipping containers, hand selected materials and great designs. We combine western facade (parkitecture) with modern, retro designs. We have taken the prefab micro-structure to the next level by fusing shipping containers with traditional framing methods to create timeless log structures with modern interiors.




A 40ft shipping container weights over 7,716lbs (3,500 kg) so each time one is up cycled we are saving thousands of pounds of steel. In addition, when building with containers, we are also reducing the amount of traditional building materials needed (i.e. bricks and cement).

We can project manage and create strategies for a variety of large and small scale projects. By incorporating containers into your design you are able to put money elsewhere in your project.

Think of Lego blocks; they have an infinite number of ways to build with them due to their inherent structural integrity. Shipping containers are far more durable and designable as opposed to a stick built home. This makes them great to meld both building methods together to create the most eclectic structure on the block.




YTF will coordinate with sub contractors to facilitate a proper fit with your structure and site. We will aid in the infrastructure and placement of your unit. It is paramount that site preparation and location be field fit to maximize the landscape and structure so that they together enhance one another. This keeps cost down and functionality a priority.

With age comes the need for expansion and upgrades. We can make this process seamless by forecasting expansion based on the site management plan.

Our expertise spreads beyond structure. YTF offers outdoor space planning and design to turn the outdoors into usable living space.


We builds our homes to be of the highest quality craftsmanship and innovative design as possible. To do that, we must start with high quality materials.


Shipping containers are strong, durable and surprisingly available, making them an ideal building material.

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The siding is hand-picked lodgepole pine, milled for each specific project.

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All structures are dry wall with a plastered finish and timber accents. Flooring choices will be either wood or tile making for a clean modern interior look with rustic and timber accents.

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With years of experience in design and architecture, we have some projects to show for it.


A few of the many layouts available for Shipping Container Homes.


At Yellowstone Timber Fusion we believe in crafting and designing structures much like our forefathers did, paying great attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our vision is to create beautiful micro structures that are one-of-a-kind, blending shipping containers  with modern day construction methods; we have created an amazing product that is timeless and unique. Our structures are delivered to your site, then fabricated by us to your specific design and finishes. The vast majority of our work is preformed off site, making a very low impact and yet highly efficient for the buyer and Yellowstone Timber Fusion.


Founder Brian Morris was raised in the great northwest, Bend Oregon. Growing up in a once small logging town, it was evident from the start that his passion for logging and timber would turn him towards his quest today. Having numerous friends and family in the once thriving logging industry, Brian pursued it by spending several years in the mountains planting trees and giving back what was taken from the landscape. It was not long after this era he was yearning for new landscapes and more knowledge, that is when he moved to Bozeman Montana. While pursuing his education in Bozeman he was introduced to the building industry. While working in the home building industry he was intrigued by the western motif that is “parkitecture”.  Brian fell in love with the rustic motif, moved to Virginia city, bought a late 1800 homestead and settled down to create Yellowstone Timber Fusion. It was with these experiences, that he set out to create a new take on a old concept, hence the log sided shipping containers. His vision is to create high quality living environments, out of steel shipping containers, wrapped with log and timber adornments, making these structures far superior to the traditional stick frame homes.


The finished result is a fusion between modern and rustic motifs, which can be configured in an endless amount of variation, which can benefit the landscape as well as the owner. Yellowstone Timber Fusion builds these structures to be of the highest quality craftsmanship and innovative design, just as our forefathers did, except now we have far more technology to enhance our living environments in pursuit of the ultimate structure.



Get started on the path to your ultimate vision right now. Contact us for more information on how we can create an environment perfect for you.


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